Creative Zen Gift Pack-GP32

Nothing like the Creative Zen gift pack to get that artistry flowing! Equipped with a Colour Pencil Pack, allow yourself to relax with a Reed Diffuser and Vanilla Scented Candle. Soak with the Bath Salts for that added sense of tranquillity and stay refreshed with the Kimbara Tritan Bottle. All wrapped up in the reusable Jim Jam Jute Bag, this bespoke gift pack is perfect for gifting this season. Reimagine an artistic space and your client's branding with a sense of calm creativity. Give us a call today!


NP133 Colour Pencil Pack
D910 10mL Reed Diffuser
S746 Kimbara Tritan Bottle
H107 Vanilla Scented Candle
H122 Bath Salts
RB304 Jute Bag
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